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Grafton NH Free Town Links
Grafton made the news back in 2004. It was all the buzz in the town, we were just part timers up here then, but we heard all about it. These are a few of the links that I found during or since the debate. I believe it has all but fizzled out since, but it's fun to look back.
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  Link   Save Grafton from the Free Town Project
This pretty much speaks for itself, NHPR says this web site was created by John Richard. This particular Grafton resident is not happy about the Free Town Project (FTP).
  Link   Save Grafton from the Free Town Project Blog
More information against the Free Town Project.
  Link   Save Grafton from the Planning Commission
This was the original Free Town Project site. It appears most of the content has been removed.
  Link   The Free Town Project on NHPR
From the NHPR site: "They're for fewer laws and less government. They want to dismantle planning commissions and public education. And, they hope to convince several hundred libertarian minded citizens to move to the tiny New Hampshire town of Grafto
  Link   Website of Zack Bass? Larry Pendarvis
I have seen some references to the fact that Zack Bass was completely made up and an alias.
  Link   The List from
A little more garbage from Zach Bass: "This is a list of New Hampsters who have Oppressed libertarians."
  Link   The Free Town Project
The much disputed site regarding The Free Town Project.
  Link   Finding the Free Town in the Free State by Tim Condon
An essey written by Tim Condon at the beginning of the debate to find a free town.